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Select this option and add to your cart if you  have been out there in recovery or relapse for a while and would like to get back on track.  
This Strategy Session is for you.

These single sessions include:    

  • 1 1/2 hour live consultation with one of our counselors 
  • Assessment of your current state and contributing factors with a variety of new tools including the Yale Food Addiction Scale and 5 others.
  • Introduction to our 3 top tools for realigning your eating that most of our clients still use on a daily basis years later.
  • An individualized plan based on what you can do right now not what you should do!
  • Immediate interventions and long range alignments to into move you into eating with ease!
  • Review and Recommendations regarding supplements/medicines you are taking
We put our years of professional clinical and research experience and decades of personal success with recovery into designing yours.

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