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Have you been battling 
your food addiction alone?
There is help!

Are you ready to really master your weight and eating problems?
Read on to find out how.   

We want to tell you about our Year Compulsive Eating Intensive Treatment Group 
Email ysheart@telus.net to request a prescreening questionnaire
to see if this intensive program is right for you. 

Special note: To those who have been in addictions treatment and are in relapse.
Participants just like you have found renewed hope and wellness through this
intensive program and are registered for the upcoming one. 


We have included 4 mastery practice strategies in this letter you can take away and start using today!        

My name is Nancy Anderson Dolan and I have been helping people just like you learn the skills to master their weight and eating problems, wisely and effectively for more than a decade.   

 You're probably like most of my clients - You've tried many weight loss strategies and programs, only to regain the weight if you lost it or quit trying in frustration over your inability to follow through. The cost of this is huge for your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing! I have spent those nights, weeks, months and years struggling to not medicate with chocolate, chips or excess food.  Successes were always temporary.  The deepening pit of food addiction created depression, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure!    With this comprehensive system, you will come to understand just as I did, that overeating is not an issue of morality or will power. You will discover ideas and tools that can get you off the diet & self esteem rollercoaster.   

My promise is that I have new information and methods that are different that you have seen or tried before.  Diet and exercise don’t begin to address the real cause of compulsive eating.  But there are many other things that do! 


My life is fuller and bigger and every day. I can't help but marvel at the outcome from doing the work this past year. My efforts have certainly paid big dividends for me. Who knew such positive changes were possible - I certainly never expected my life to change in so many positive ways.  I was hoping to stop the insanity of the relapse yet I got so much more.With loving gratitude, Intensive treatment participant I will come back, because I heard things that I’ve never heard before and they are just what I need.  

Information Session participant 

With training in the methods I have developed from research and practice you will come to know and manage the difficult body experiences that often trigger the start of a binge.  You will regain a connection to your own body wisdom and the source of strength within that enables you to let go of the food and pick up your life. 


You can start tuning into your own body wisdom right now. Pay attention to your body after you eat. Does it feel energized, tired, over full, still hungry?  Start exploring your physical response to the foods you eat today. Do this with no judgment or great plans to change anything just compassionate observation or you won’t want or be able to do it for long! You'll notice that some things just don't make you feel good.  Noticing in your body is much more powerful than knowing in your head.  You are more likely to think twice next time, when going to eat something that doesn't feel good in your body.   You feel less guilty or resistant when you are exploring your eating options rather than controlling them and in doing so often begin to make better choices.   

Testimonial "Wow! Nancy really has practical and simple tools to improve body wisdom for everyone.           Fitness Trainer 

Since I discovered the way to lose my own 150lb of excess weight 18 years ago, I have been continuously researching and teaching others how to manage the same feat.  My experience, my education in psychology and 25 years of experience in counseling has taught me that anyone can learn weight mastery. From food allergies to feelings we address the many complex facets of the compulsive eating problem, systematically, practically and thoroughly. We deal with the physical, emotional, mental issues as well as that “hole in the soul” that so many of us feel like we are trying to fill! 


Here's another strategy you can implement right away.  Observing your thoughts and behaviors with in that same compassionate way, lets you see how what is going on in your head and heart, effects how you eat.  Reveal to yourself self defeating beliefs about eating and weight loss. See exactly how your emotions drive your eating. Just becoming aware of them diminishes their negative impact! immediately!   

Testimonial "I truly didn't know how much my negative thinking and intense emotions drove me into the food.  Just by acknowledging this and not attacking myself further I have been able to make significant changes in the way I eat".      Client with 100lb lost   

I have learned by hard personal experience and sharing this journey with many friends and clients, about the pitfalls and win falls along the way.  With that experience, I have integrated many streams of theory and research from biology, psychology, theology, motivation and learning to create a system of guidance that anyone can use to improve their state of wellness and begin on the path of weight mastery.  I have worked with people in diverse circumstances and found that there are just no real barriers to learning how to reconnect with your body, no matter what we tell ourselves.   All obstacles shift with action and awareness.  

There is an epidemic of eating and weight issues and things are just getting worse. Despite the explosion in exercise, nutrition and weight loss programs the average weight of north Americans just keeps going up. There is something we are not dealing with here! Consider the cost of ongoing obesity and overeating financially, physically, spiritually and psychologically.  How much have you spent on diets, health concerns, clothes, exercise equipment and other things to try to and get a handle on this?  If you are like I was it was a ridiculous amount.  We often try to address this complex problem with simplistic solutions that just get us frustrated not free. 

 The Group Intensive Treatment includes:

Over 45 therapeutic group sessions
Brain Chemistry Assessment & Optimization
This step makes all the others easier! 

Daily electronic awareness and skill building assignment
Methods of releasing unresolved issues
Emotional management strategies
A manual that covers all the methods, directions,
reflections and resource references

Lifetime updates to the program as they are made
Cognitive re-patterning exercises
Community field trips
Ongoing support, coaching and feedback
Access to others who have acheived weight mastery
Additional current research and information on compulsive addictive eating and associated issues specific to the individual group members
 Monthly enouragement email with research, routines and real strategies
Additional one to one sessions at a reduced rate if desired/required
during and after formal treatment.
Special discounts for other WiseHeart Wellness Services 

We cannot currently meet the demand for individual treatment. And we cannot provide the valuable interaction provided by others embarking on this path in individual sessions, so initiated this group.  The success of first run of the intensive has been truly amazing. 

How much money have you spent on weight management and weight loss programs? 

 Intensive Individual treatment averages from $8,000 - $18,000 

By doing it in the small group we can deliver similar personalized counseling plus the power of the group dynamics for the cost of only 

$6500 for the entire year of treatment and lifetime of the program updates.  

Receive every update and upgrade to the program materials for free for life!
Recovery is a long term process. We want to support you in it!

 People of the current group have had tremendous recovery on many fronts.  They have freed themselves from old patterns and emotional pain, learned new skills, moved through some serious life traumas with grace and skill while finding new ways to come to their weight and eating problems.  More than once, participants have said they got their moneys worth before we were near finished. Although many issues underlying the compulsive eating are recognized and resolved, the greatest value is in learning the information and practicing the strategies that will provide for the ongoing evolution of wellness.  

We only have 6 spaces for this small group intensive treatment for this year.

They are for people that want the intensive, highly supportive experience of treatment.  

A $500 deposit is required to secure a space in this program slated to start this spring.

If you want to secure your space, email ysheart@telus.net today asking for a prescreening questionnaire

and further details regarding scheduling and location in Calgary

   If you are not in Calgary you can work this program over the phone/internet &

if you get a group of people that wish to take it together we will provide a discounted price!

 Email ysheart@telus.net to request a prescreening questionnaire to see if this intensive program is right for you.         


The strategies to address compulsive eating issues suggested above; work best when they are incorporated as a consistent part of an overall practice.  This is what support groups help us to create and sustain.  The intensive group is a highly structured support system focused on the development of wellness practices WiseHeart Wellness Services offers many sessions of varying intensity and focus and there are many self help options available as well. 

Go to www.wiseheartwellnessweightmastery.com for more information the upcoming and ongoing events.                                              

Sign up on the site for a free encouragement/informational newsletter and watch for upcoming sessions, products and free tools.  



One of the most useful routines you can create is a specific practice in the morning to orient yourself to a day of positive wellness itegrating your body, mind and spirit and  a practice  to review and release your day in the evening to achieve the optimum rest for both mind and body. 

Create one of your own or try the newly released WiseHeart Wellness Weight Mastery Audio CD using the combined theories and methods of clinical hypnosis, visualization, meditation, relaxation and divine imagery.              


If I can do it so can you!

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