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Why Free Therapy?

Why Free Therapy?

I have been working in the counselling field for over 30 years and in private practice as WiseHeart Wellness for more than a decade. In this phase of my career I am launching a legacy program that will provide many of the tools, methods and resources used to help people overcome various mental health issues, spiritual crises, addictions, particulalry food addiction and create well being. Please click freely through the resources and resource links. I ask only that you keep the WiseHeart name on the documents and share whatever you feel helpful with others that may benefit.
If you have questions, comments or feed back I would be very happy to recieve them.
I can be contacted at via the contact page on this website or at scientistsage@gmail.com 
May your life be filled with well-being. 

Nancy Anderson Dolan  BA Psych 
WiseHeart Wellness 
Innovative Interventions
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