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Shamanic Services

Shamanic Services

Shamanism is believed to be the first recognized spiritual practice dating back between 10 to 20 thousand years. It is simply a practice of moving into a state of altered consciousness to access information for healing and guidance. These states are often accessed by what is called the shamanic journey that the practitioner undertakes by drumming, dancing, rattling or singing until consiciousnes is altered.  Some call this intuition, visioning, entering non-ordinary reality or acessing subtle energies.  Regardless of what perception or description of it, shamanism has been practices across all cultures and times, back to the paleolithic era and up to the current day. 

It is a way of accessing healing and guidance personally, for other individuals, for whole communities and for the planet herself. Most westerners are more familiar with the idea of medicine men or women, as they are often referred to by North American native aborignal peoples. However, many people of every descent and location have felt called to the path of shamanism. It has exsisted for all races and tribes at some point in their heritage. It offers a personalized way of peace, integrity, wellness and contribution through direct revelation. I use and teach this practice for those that feel the call or have an interest to explore it. 

Power animal retreivals are often considered the first access to shamanic experience.  A power animal is actually the energy of certain animals that appear to support people either throughout their lives or at particular times of growth or struggle. We do not choose them, they choose us. They are always there, this is simply a practice of becoming aware of and bonding further with them, to be able to receive greater guidance and support from them. 
Some people wish to have a power animal retrevial done for them and others wish to learn to do this for themselves.
I do this both for individuals and groups. 

The exchange for this service is $150 for a private session and negotiable for groups. 

Shamanic healing sessions are conducted for those that feel they have specific issues that have not been able to be addressed by their typical health allies. 
This may appear through physical, mental, social or spiritual symptoms or just by a progression of "bad luck" or recuuring illness or simply bad feelings. 
This may be done for an individual, family, business, community, animal, home or piece of land. 

The exchange for this session is $150.  A single session may generate a suggestion for futher work or training depending on the circumstances. 

This shamanic journey service, although very similar to a healing session, is directed specifically towards returning a part of a person they feel has been lost or taken. Often clients requesting soul retrevials come to me with very specific complaints such as the following; I have not been myself since..., I feel like a part of me died with them...., I can't let go of my anger with....., I am obsessing about ......, I have had no energy since.....,  I lost my passion when ......  These are often indicators of soul loss.  This can be difficult for even a shaman to heal for themselves, but responds well when assisted by someone trained in soul retrevial and knowledgeable of shamanic healing. 

The exchange for this service is $150.00

Again this may be similar to a general healing journey, but usually specific energies have gotten into or attached around a person, place or thing that may need to be specifically addressed. I often call this "ghostbusting" as it isn't an actual person or entity, but leftover energy from an intense event, a build up of negative energy, a misuse of energy by intent or accident, or just an energy that is not appropraite to the person or place it is inhabiting. As this is a little harder to understand I will give a few examples below.

Example 1: A person came to me with a request to learn to deal with the energies certain clients brought into their business space. I was able to journey to find out what was going on and it was a particular person, that had very difficult circumstances,  who was trying to unload the energy when they came in.  We placed a receptecale in the business space filled with water to recieve the energy and worked with the intention of the owner to have the energies go there, rather than take them in herself or allow them to circulate in the area. The next time the person came in the glass receptacle broke immeadiately and there was no further problem.  

Example 2: A person came to me with a feeling like she was always struggling with other peoples energies. In journey it became clear, that this person had been taking on other peoples abandoned soul parts, that they could not integrate for some reason. Kind of like a pet lover picking up strays. But, of course, this energy did  not go well in her body and in fact created many problems. We were able to repair her own "soul holes" and create a ritual routine, to use when she was feeling that something may be attracted to her or she was feeling less than whole. She no longer became a hand home to lost energies looking for a place to go. 

Example 3: Land or home clearing is a common request.  Frequently there has simply been a build up of untended energies, when that happens the person, place or thing can no longer exsist, shining simply from their or its' own energy. A land deal had been runing into long bureaucratic delay, so a friend called me to see if I could help. With a journey and resulting ritual it was cleared and not only did the deal move quickly, but my friend actually realized they didn't want to be involved with it any longer, though they had been one of the originators.  This happens often with selling homes as well. 

The exchange for this service is $150

These services may incorporate or replace typical celebrations of union, birth, death, healing, birthdays, coming of age
or simply marking an event, transition or surrender of a desire we want to launch into the universe. 

The exchange for this servcie is negotiated. 

All services can be done in person or virtually, because the actual shamanic journey occurs outside ordinary reality.

Each service includes some education, the actual accessing of information and guidance and
instructions on how to apply the guidance and recommendations on how to continue to seek further guidance indepentently. 

There is never an assured specific outcome, as I work as directed by my own guides and power animals and the clients supportive beings. 
We sometimes expect or want a particualr outcome, but that may not be what we need, or need at the time. 
There may be things we don't want to know, do or not do, but there are also always ways suggested to move forward with them. 

Services may be negotiated for trade in goods or services if evidence of financial hardship is presented and an equitable exchange can be arranged.  

May your journey be full of the ease and joy your soul desires. 
Contact Nancy at scientistsage@gmail.com for further information

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