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This program has ongoing registration.
 It is meant to be done at you're own pace. 
Materials will be sent on a regular basis and
you will be able to access all available parts of the program
from the main Building Well-Being Home Page

There will also be advisory emails regarding new
live online events or additional special releases.

We will learn to evaluate to evolve,
assessing and addressing both your symptom
AND the possible underlying causes. 

Along the way, we will build skills and a firm foundation
for a lifetime of building well-being. 
An Online Year Long Program    $150.00

An Online Year Long Program $150.00

More about BUILDING WELL-BEING this year
Why is our new program only $150 for the year?  Because it is being built too!  I am taking all the information, tools, tests, exercises, checklists, explanations and explorations we use and putting them online.  For this low fee you can participate as much or as little as you want. More descriptions to follow below.        
This program will be web based with weekly release of materials/suggestions and bi-weekly live calls.  There will be ongoing access to me via email and a private Facebook page (that means only people invited can see it or share on it).
Your feedback with the content  and process will evolve the program as we go as well. 
What we know is that to change a pattern on unwellness, you have to build some basic foundational pieces that you can stand on to address the unique challenges and consequences of your particular life history and current circumstances.  
Here are some of the ideas we will be using to build evolving, sustainable well-being and you can start using right now! 
Personal Peace Building Paradigm
 No recovery from any ailment, mental, physical or spiritual can succeed without a foundation of peace.  It is the true desire of underneath all of our striving.  We want to feel happy and content aka peaceful. 
Instead be continue to stress, struggle and just survive.  Far too often even people that seem to have surmounted their struggles are just holding on by a thread. Thankfully own challenging time over the last few years, brought me back to the basics, that I had drifted away from because my back was no longer against the wall.  
This program isn't about some specific goal, the perfect size, stopping or starting something or even recovering from an illness or addiction. It's about building a life foundation based on peace; in your body, in your mind, in your heart. From there, you can create that ever evolving sustainable well being you seek.
Symptoms to Solutions
Symptoms to Solutions - This year has been a tremendous eye opener for me on this issue, for myself and many of my clients.  As those of you who have worked with me on brain chemistry optimization, I am pretty focused on getting clear about your symptoms so you can see what is working and not working in terms of interventions.  But there's more!
I have changed the way I operate to include much more formal assessment and deeper more emphasis on exploring your performance perimeter and using mindfulness to get a very clear view of operational symptoms, that you can share with all your health professionals.  With better information we are getting much better co-operation and contribution from peoples' health teams. Our symptoms guide us to solutions. 
Too often we see our symptoms of overeating, not being able to change our mood or get our finances in order as personal failings, so dismiss their importance and continue to try to use will power to overcome them. When these symptoms, exsiting patterns of behavior, perception, thought and feeling are compassionately investigated they change! 
Why Willpower Wanes and What to Do About It. 
speaking of will power....
Why Willpower Wanes and What to Do About It -  If you are still trying to use will power to accomplish change, you are tightening the noose.  In a world where there is a 97% failure rate of interventions to change behavior and still the "solution" is focused on will power, is it any wonder things just keep getting crazier? 
You don't have a failure of will power, you have a misuse of wil power going on.  The old process of picture, plan and persist is missing the "peace part".  Without peace in place, using will power frequently creates bad results, because it actually turns on the fear and stress response in our bodies and brains.  
In response, down we drop into about "basement" brain as I call it, where the only programs are survival and denial. These operate with short term vision and gratification. This is not the programming you want to trigger when you are trying to make positive long lasting change. 
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