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Inner Balance by HeartMath
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Change Your Heart to Change Your Brain
As we gear up for another season of brain chemistry sessions, we want to share with you all the ways you can change your brain.  

It may seem like a hard and dangerous thing, but we all do it, everyday, all day long!  WiseHeart wants to help you be a conscious changer of your own brain. 

The heart actually sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.  When we change our heart rate, we change our brain.  As our heart rate becomes more regular all the systems of our body come into coherence including our brains, because that is the predominant message being sent to it. 

Try This Now!

An organization called HeartMath suggests the following Quick Coherence Routine. 
            1. Take your attention to your heart, putting your hand over it. 
         2.  Imagine taking deep slow breaths right through your heart. 
         3.  Remember or imagine a time when you where very happy

That's it. It really can be that simple.  Deeper breathing inhibits your sympathetic nervous system that can make you stressed and  incoherent.  The positive image and overall good feeling focused on your heart, evens out the heart rate variability. 

Now your whole body becomes healthier as it becomes more coherent. All of your systems from digestion to musculature integrate better and have improved function. The more you practice the better you feel and think. 

Cortisol, a chemical that get's excessive when we are stressed, starts to decrease and we are more able to think with our analytic mind, rather than depend on only emotional perception. 

Of course, some people experience struggles. Badly imbalanced brain chemistry and difficult histories of trauma or neglect can be trickier to navigate.  But everyone can ease into heart based coherence and it enhances any other intervention as well. 

WiseHeart uses the HeartMath biofeedback technology to assist people in learning and practicing heart based interventions.  It is one of the most effective, least intrusive interventions available and like brain chemistry optimization, it has an ever increasing, ever broadening impact on peoples lives. 

Try it out daily for 3 weeks. Often people find significant gains in even that short time. If you would like to try out one of the inner balance units, contact us to arrange a complementary discovery session. 

In the meantime, be thinking about your best brain and as always please send any questions you may have to info@wiseheartweightmastery.com. 

May life never cease to amuse and amaze you,
Nancy Anderson Dolan 
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