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How to order your Ultimate Happiness

How to order your Ultimate Happiness

To start receiving your
Ultimate Happiness 
Super Summer Mastery Program today,

Say "Yes", and select the program you wish to order then
click the "Add to Cart" button below

You will then be taken to a page to review your order.
If the order is complete, select the "Checkout" button 

When your payment has been processed,
you will receive Ultimate Happiness
delivered directly to your inbox.

Ultimate Happiness Products

Ultimate Happiness Products

Completed Mastery Mastermind Group 2013/2014YES!  Include these as bonus session FREE as my persistence prize for having completed the 2013/2014 Mastery Mastermind Group
Summer Mastery All Virtual and Live SessionsYES!  I want to get happy by receiving or attending all virtual & live sessions
Summer Mastery Virtual Sessions OnlyYES!  I want to get happy by receiving and attending
virtual sessions only.
Individualized Case StudyYES!  I would like to get individualized attention by being a case study in the application of the Ultimate Happiness Prescription to my life and eating issues.
Please send me the necessary information.
Initial Strategy SessionYES!  I would like to book an Initial Strategy Session to address my eating issues.
Restart/Review Strategy SessionYES!  I would like to book a Strategy Session to review and/or restart my work on my eating issues, so I can lay out a clear plan where to go from here.
Discovery SessionYES!  I want to book a complimentary discovery session to find out how balancing brain chemistry and bio-feedback can ease my addictive eating patterns.
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