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Welcome to Mindful Eating
Mindful eating is a wonderful way to shift your behavior with your awareness
The Hunger Awareness guide will help you sort out when you need to eat and how much.
Engaged and Mindful Eating Complimentary Starter Program 
The Basics of Mindfulness will guide you through some practices and pitfalls for disordered eaters
The Checklist will enhance your mindful meal with or without the audio recording
The download will provide you with a guided experience of mindful eating

We recommend that you choose one thing to explore this week. 
Mindful engaged eating will creep into all parts of your eating.
You will find yourself becoming more mindful in other areas too!

Mindful eating is a primary way we use in our clinical practice
to overcome addictive eating patterns and other disorderly eating.
Whether you are just a mindless eater or a full blown binger
The first step in addressing eating issues is to become mindful of them!

Below is a bonus Online Binge Eating Scale you can take to explore your eating further:

Mindful eating isn't easy but it is simple and powerful
It can help many people transform their eating patterns.
If you cannot persist or if the mindful eating causes more eating distress
You may need further assistance, many things can be barriers.

Brain chemistry commonly clouds our ability to be mindful.
Trauma and other unresolved emotion can also overwhelm our attention
These are the kinds of things that can keep people over eating forever.
And the clinical problems we address with innovative interventions.  

Please contact  us at WiseHeart  Wellness
info@wiseheartwellnessworldwide.com for questions and assistance
If you would like to have a live conversation about your particular situation

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