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And enjoy the mastery principles below:

  1. INTENTION - The Master Mindset - Life is happening for you not to you.
  2. CLARITY - What you really want, what you really do and what you really can do.
  3. ALIGNMENT - Reconnecting with Good Orderly Direction for power and purpose
  4. COMPASSION - Allowing love for yourself and others in all the imperfection that is life
  5. IMAGINATION - Flexibility of perception and solution
  6. INTERDEPENDENCE - Experiencing the joy and exponential growth of being in the web of relations
  7. DISCIPLINE - the process of building strong neural pathways the generate increasing ease and integrity

  1. BREATHING - using breath to influence the function of your body and brain systems, creating changes in states and personality traits
  2. AWARENESS - developing the capacity to compassionately observe and deeply listen to your mind and body for direction
  3. DETACHMENT - learning to let go of what you believe, how you behave and the outcome of your directed efforts
  4. VISUALIZATION - creating the capacit to edit old perceptions and formulate and hold new positive functional visions
  5. PLANNING - being proactive and accountable evolving dynamic plans from the processes above moving out of chronic reactivity
  6. AUTHENTIC ACTION - taking actions within your performance perimeter that you can comfortably and consistently repeat
  7. GRATITUDE - re-engineering the biological bent towards negativity and cultivating an automatic perception of grace and gratitude

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