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Compulsive Eating is a Response to Chronic Stress
You can try to fight it, but you cause more Stress!
So What's the answer???


Really.  Relaxing reduces oversting by 50%
We use food to relax.
But the guilt and weight make more Stress.
We really, really need to lean a better way to Relax!


We send our digital relaxation program to your inbox.

You don't even have to download if you don't want to.

Just Click the Link
and listen to the Relaxation instructions.

Everybody has their own favorite way to relax.
Our program sends out a dozen different options.
Over 3 months you can try 12 methods.
Every one of them has been used in our clinic.

Choose your favorite, combine them or use different practices for different problems.
Your brain gets more coherent as your body relaxes.
Stress creates disease.  Relaxation restores ease and health.
It's easier to make good decisions in a relaxed state.

So relax your way out of the compulsion to eat.
Relax you way out of extra weight
Relax in your own home, car, or office.
Relax right now with


The WiseHeart Wellness Relaxation Process Protocol for Eating Disorders

The price of this program is normally $79.00.

As this is the first time our therapeutic program has been offered outside our clinic, we are offering an introductory rate of only $47.00.

Order today and receive our bestseller -
Morning Meditation for Weight Mastery
Absolutely Free.

Also, receive all future upgrades to the program

Each installment comes with background info
and practice suggestions

All audios are downloadable for ipod, mp3 use.

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