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The Evolution of the WiseHeart Wellness
Brain Chemistry Intervention to End Addictive Eating

2005  took over treatment program for food addiction using academic brain chemistry information

2009 Invited to attend global summit on Food Addiction, Mark Gold, Bart Hobel, Gene-Jack Wang http://www.foodaddictionsummit.org/   recordings of presentations on website free of charge

2009 Became verified clinicians for the Robertson Wellness Brain Chemistry Optimization Program

As a person who suffered from compulsive eating from the age of 2 when I crawled into a closet with a pound of butter, I have spent my life trying to find out what was wrong with me. From operating on rat’s brains at university in the 80’s to 12 step programs to doctors and diets, I gained enough skill and support to escape my alcoholism and lose the 150 extra pounds. But I was never free of the struggle for very long.

  • Brain chemistry is at the root of the addictive eating and accompanying issues
  • Resulting cognitive distortions and sensory regulation impair ability to recover
  • Intervention needs to be individualized, diverse, comprehensive and long term
  • Investigate and treat brain chemical, vitamin and mineral deficits
  • Tailor supplements, foods, activities and behavioral adjustments from assessment
  • Somatic regulation training, symptom education then cognitive re-patterning
  • Teach clients to collect and collaborate effectively with long term support team

This approach has proven to be very effective creating breakthroughs for chronic clients that have had little success or sub optimal success and profound effects on the families of the main client which is usually a mother (98%).       
From our current database       N of mothers  =  75       N of children  =  10 

100%  have had varying degrees of low serotonin    80% with dopamine deficits (30%) or excesses (70%)

100 % of Mothers and Children have less than optimal serotonin
             no results with serotonin excesses

80%     of Mothers and Children have dopamine disturbances
            70%  of those present with greater than optimal dopamine
            30%  of those have less than optimal dopamine

40%     of Mothers have less than optimal acetylcholine

20%     of Children show less than optimal acetylcholine

40%     of Mothers show Norepinephrine deficits    0%     of the children show Norepinephrine imbalances

10%     of Mothers show GABA imbalances            0%     of Children show GABA imbalances

 We suspect that the symptoms of extremely low serotonin may mask the existence of original GABA deficits, as when serotonin is raised, symptoms of GABA deficits, specifically high anxiety, persist.

In other clients improvements in serotonin diminish or eliminate dysfunctional levels of anxiety.

This information is primarily based on the Robertson Wellness Brain Chemistry Assessment results, with a limited number of clinical observation and results from other brain chemistry assessments done by outside parties. It is a simple clinical tabulation not rigorous experimental data analysis.

As low serotonin is raised there is often a drop in dopamine for those with existing dopamine problems regardless of the original direction of their imbalance.

These profiles are of a 35 yr old client that initially chose not to follow our recommendations. Worked with an herbalist and managed to quit drinking, smoking and eating sugar/flour to 90% over 3 ½ years.  The herbalist pronounced her well, but the client felt emotionally desperate and came back to us.  Another brain chemistry assessment revealed change, but there were increasingly problematic deficits.  Treatment with supplements is improving emotional stability and mental outlook.
           2010 Relative Brain Chemical Levels                
   2014 Relative Brain Chemical Levels

These profiles are of a 45 year old mother and 14 year old daughter.  Mother had been working with
us for some time and gained improvements. Daughter came following suicide attempt and is progressing.

       Mothers Relative Brain Chemical Levels               
 Daughters Relative Brain Chemical Levels

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