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Re - creation is part of recovering
from compulsive addictive eating! 

WiseHeart Wellness wants everyone to be able to access recreational opportunities. 
It can be challenging if you have stopped or never had the chance to participate. 
We provide organized supported activities as well working with individual requests. 
Here is a list of some of the activities we have been asked to provide or support individuals in. 
  • walking groups 
  • canoe trips
  • downhill and cross country sking
  • swimming 
  • orientation to working out 
  • yoga 
  • biking 
  • hiking 
  • camping 
  • dancing 
  • golfing 
And we are willing to find or develop support for any kind of activity! 
You want to get back into life?  We want to help! 
Contact us at info@WiseHeartWeightMastery.com with your ideas and requests. 

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