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Free Teleseminar Information Page

Free Teleseminar Information Page

FreeLearn TeleClinics on Compulsive Addictive Eating

We thank you for your interest and congratulate you on your persistence in dealing your eating issues. We gaurantee that you will find some new information in all our communications.

You will be emailed the latest link for our upcoming live Q & A session shortly

In the meantime you are welcome to listen to previous FreeLearn Sessions

Where you can finally get some answers about:
       Why dealing with urges to eat has been so difficult.
       What causes your brain to obsess about food and weight.
       Why typical diet and exercise programs can make it worse.

       How your brain can actually create your bad body image.

More importantly, 
You can immediately learn some valualble steps you can take to help!

There is a space on the Seminar pages to ask questions. Please do!

Previously recorded calls below:

September 2012 
Brain Chemistry and Binge Eating: The Basics

October 2012
Brain Chemistry and Binge Eating: Conditioned Hypereating

November 2012
Brain Chemistry and Binge Eating:  The Role of Planning and Preparation

December 2012
Relationships and Compulsive Addictive Eating

January 2013
Goals and Getting Them

February 2013
Love and Food

March 2013
Mindful Eating

April 2013

Addiction, Depression, Attention

May 2013
Supporting Small Steps

We look forward to talking with you live on our next Freelearn teleseminar

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