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WiseHeart Monthly Conscious Wellness Checklists

WiseHeart Monthly Conscious Wellness Checklists

WiseHeart Monthly Conscious Wellness Checklists

We are thrilled to offer this series of monthly checklists.   This series is to encourage conscious evolving wellness with food and all other things in your life.  As Atul Gawande reports in his book, The Checklist Manifesto, checklists are a necessary and literally lifesaving technology in today’s world.  There is too much information to cope with effectively and nowhere is it more evident than in the area of eating and weight!

Millions of people start everyday to take action on their eating and weight issues.  The majority will not sustain. Not because they are unwilling or incapable, but because they don’t understand the full scope of the problem. Ineffective interventions based on inaccurate information are the norm!  These can actually create or worsen addictive disordered eating patterns.  I did it for years before I lost my 150lbs of extra weight and the eating obsession that went with it.

Please note that these are not a replacement for professional medical or psychological help, but we encourage you to discuss them with your professionals. 

The checklists are intended to assist people in understanding the complexity of addictive disordered eating and the exploration of their own eating issues to discover what they can do on their own and where they may need to seek further help. The checklists are a simplified version showing the some of the basic steps we take to create successful comprehensive interventions. Further details are available through our other public education endeavors or consultation with us. 

We are systemizing our services to manage the extremely complex nature of the problem and the intervention, putting down into checklists the areas of assessment, therapeutic interventions, skills training and units of educational information that we currently use to guide our work with addictive disordered eating.

We are always evolving our interventions as new information becomes available and as we receive feedback from our clients. We want your feedback too! Please send questions and comments to inf

Effective treatment requires both clinician and client to have a clear view of the overarching process and the individual’s personal reasons goals.  This can help to guide decisions about how to navigate their unique journey and how to apply precious resources of energy, time and money.

We share these lists to help ourselves, our clients, people considering treatment, people trying to understand the problem of addictive disordered eating and every professional that treats or encounters these issues. 

We are sharing this information free of charge because we are launching a campaign to Change the Conversation About Addictive Disordered eating. There will never be a charge for the checklists and we encourage you to share them with as many people as possible that may benefit from them and provide feedback about your understanding and experience. 

Whether you are someone struggling with the issue, a professional trying to figure out how to intervene or just a person with an interest, we would be profoundly grateful to receive your inquiries and input. These are evolving endeavours that you can help fashion by sharing your experience and opinions. 

Ending the ignorance around the experience of addictive disordered eating patterns and the harm it causes will require everyone that lives with and treats the problem to speak openly and honestly. Until many people speak clearly and consistently about their real experience of addictive disordered eating there will be continued confusion, despair and ineffective and sometimes downright harmful interventions being used.

We thank you for your interest in this endeavour and wish you well on your on your own journey of understanding and evolution into conscious wellness with your eating issues.Learn more about our comprehensive addictive disordered eating intervention below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSiBZGgZJAo