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DISCOVERY SESSION               $No Charge
A half hour conversation based on a brief questionnaire assessment. 
A We can help you understand the true nature of the problem as it appears in your life. 
Everyone is different and requires individualized interventions. 
After so much frustration and failure it is hard to know where to start. 
You may have been doing things that are ineffective, unsustainable or down right harmful. 
We suggest some interventions and a starting place based on your current situation and resources. 


A face to face 2 hour consultation  based on a number of assessments including the Yale Food Addiction Scale, depression and anxiety inventories, motivation and medical reviews and a personal history intake. You leave with training and tools for symptom tracking, building a plan of eating, increasing body awareness and a strategy to move through the challenges and changes on this journey. We share our unique technologies for creating sustainable change.  We also discuss support and building a viable team that can sustain your work. 

Request a Strategy Session at info@WiseHeartWellnessWorldWide.com


One to one treatment provided in person or by phone/online

This involves assessments, education, treatment and training.
Individualized therapeutic interventions based on brain chemistry, cognitive behavioral therapies, 
bio-feedback, mindfulness, resolution of past issues such as trauma, body memories or difficult 
relations and specific strategic interventions for eating disorders, addictions, ADD, OCD, depression, 

and other mental health issues. 

We also operate as social work assising clients in creating and sustaining the best possible enviornment to create well being, helping to address medical problems, facilitating effective conversations with allied health professionals, 
dealing with insurance, workplaces, enconomic supports and housing.  

We work to help you understand the limitations you have encountered and how to develop a strong 
foundation for well-being and improved performance in the areas you find challenging. 

We can help you develop as simple or complex intervention as you are ready to work with at this moment.  

email info@WiseHeartWellnessWorldWide.com 

Our plan to help all, at a cost to none.  We are providing many of the tools, concepts and methods that we use in our treatment to anyone who wants 
to try them out. 

There are live groups, webinars, exercises, informational series and case studies

These submissions are sent out via our email list and will 
soon also be accessible on our website.  

See the B.E.S.T. Treatment for Anything Series  
a recent installment in the Free Therapy Program

WiseHeart offers free and fee special session and seminars throughout the year focusing on: 

Body Wisdom, Mind Mastery, Emotional Alchemy, Soul Esteem
Clinical Applied Mindful Awareness, Mindful Eating 
HeartMath Biofeedback
contact us directly for information or further questions you may have
Brain Chemistry
Food Addiction  

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