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Course Detail:

8 Sessions over approximately 3 months 
Exact dates depending on the group and timing of holidays. 
BCOP Assessment will be taken on line after registration  and before the 2nd session
Medication/supplementation review and depression assessments will be also requested.
36 page BCOP Assessment report including recommendations for intervention will be emailed directly to you. 

It contains:

3 Main Personalized Brain Profile Information Indices
   1. Unique Brain Chemical Profile - relative measures of 5 main neurotransmitters 
   2. Reward Center Specification - your particular brain responds best to one of two types of stimulation
   3. Your Specific Natural Tendencies - behaviours that have developed in response to brain chemistry imbalances

Individualized Information for Brain Chemistry Optimization 
   1. Specific foods that may be harmful to your particular brain chemical profile 
   2. Specific foods that may be helpful to your brain chemistry balance
   3. Specific eating patterns suggestions to enhance your brain chemistry
   4. Specific activity patterns and actual activities that will assist in optimizing your brain chemistry

Descriptions of symptoms of your brain chemical imbalances
Suggestions for creating better balanced brain chemistry in specific situations you have identified as problematic for you.
Individualized recommendations for nutritional supplements to address your specific brain chemistry issues.
Explanations about music and other lifestyle enhancements effect brain chemistry and how to implement them,
as indicated by your brain chemistry profile, reward center and natural tendencies.

All sessions will include WiseHeart Wellness Materials to guide you through the exploration and implementation of your 
BCOP report and special insights, strategies and practices from additional brain, neurochemical, somatic integration and performance research. 

You will also receive links to recorded brain chemistry optimization audios for listening or download at your convienience.
The Robertson Brain Chemistry Optimization Program is a powerful tool to assess and change brain chemistry.
As brain chemistry changes, it can be disconcerting as long held perceptions and experiences change, sometimes very quickly.
Often additional eating disorder or emotion related issues then become apparent and accessible.

WiseHeart Wellness clinicians are addictive eating specialists, trained and verified by Robertson Wellness to deliver the BCOP. 
In this work we In addition to brain chemistry balancing recommendations participants receive therapeutic information and
interventions directed at alleviating the other causes and consequences of long term addictive eating and poor performance outcomes. 

We are experts at modifying behaviour and improving compliance and performance along with the stabilization of thought and mood disorders. 

Although this program helps mood regulation, impacts many medical conditions and aids in assisting recovery from addictions, it is not intended to supplant medical or psychiatric treatment. It will not be effective with excessive use of street drugs or alcohol. If you have severe psychiatric issues please contact us prior to registering and we can consult with you about the suitability of our program for you.  

We look forward to meeting you and your brain!


For further information: email ysheart@telus.net

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