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Causes and Cures for Food Addiction

Causes and Cures for Food Addiction

Root Causes of Addictive Eating

  • Biogenic - sensory regulation problems, food allergies, inherited biological vulnerabilities to addiction, exposure to brain toxic substances
  • Psychogenic - mental health issues,  trained unhealthy behaviours, trauma response, emotional disregulation
  • Sociogenic - cultural orientations, media influence
  • Spiritogenic - profound disconnection from ones innerself, inability to connect with others or a seeming source beyond, within or greater than self

Real Cures Addictive Eating

  • Biogenic - Relaxation therapies, Brain chemistery balancing, Brain health regimes, Food allergy explorations, Addiction treatment protocols 
  • Psychogenic - Cognitive therapies, Mind body interventions, Meditation, Trauma resolution, Alexithymia treatments, Emotional regulation training, Internal state orientation training
  • Sociogenic - Cultural and media consciousness confrontations
  • Spiritogenic - Creation of a coherent connection to oneself, community, and sourced

One of the biggest challenges is that everyone is different in the makeup of how their addictive eating patterns began and the consequences of their behaviour.  What may be a trigger for one person is not for another.  That is why treatment requires extensive and ongoing assessment to address the most important issues as they arise. And why of course this is a lifelong path of developing mastery that provides not only ease with eating but in all areas of life.

The biggest problem that most people encounter is the lack of adequate recognition of the causes, which leads to ineffective intervention, addressing the wrong issues and inadequate treatment not addressing the scope or allowing time for mastery.  This is why so many people experience relapse with their weight and eating issues.

Although, it may seem overwhelming and it most certainly will feel like that from time to time, there are effective interventions for all the issues of addictive eating and they become synergistic, creating greater and greater wellness as they are combined and repeated.

We always suggest that people begin by reaching out for more connection and support for their journey.  It may take some time to find the people and professionals that understand the issues. Persist! Try our free ezine, teleseminars or other events. You can re-engineer your addictive eating patterns and find freedom from the food fix.


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