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Can't Stop Eating?

Balance your brain chemistry

 to end addictive eating! 

Have yo yo dieted, losing and gaining weight for years... 
Have a family history of  weight & mental health issues...
Have trouble letting go of resentments...
Are stressed, depressed and pms’d...
Impulsively eat and regret it later...
Obsessively think about food...
Have trouble concentrating...
Have trouble sleeping...



Your brain chemicals determine what you feel,
what you perceive, what you think, how you behave

Every single choice you make,
good or bad is determined as much by physiology as psychology.
Physiological demands routinely override psychological plans.

Certain diet and exercise programs can actually
make your brain chemistry problems worse,
filling your body and brain with craving and compulsion.
Different people need different foods, supplements and
activity patterns to optimize their brain chemistry.
What works for one may cause trouble for another!

The WiseHeart Brain Chemistry Optimization Program (BCOP), can help!

Will power is actually well power. A well brain gives you back your free will.
You can reclaim your free will with food. No blood tests or brain scans required.
We have on line access to medical software providing accurate assessment.

With cutting edge medical technology, you access an extensive online analysis
of peripheral signs and symptoms of brain chemistry imbalances.
These are observable symptoms and behaviours combined with demographic data
of you and your relatives that reveal your current brain chemistry profile.

Your comprehensive, individualized optimization report provides
specific recommendations for all areas of life to optimize brain chemistry,
restoring free will and freedom from addictive eating patterns.
You can create ongoing evolution to optimal health leaving your addictive eating behind. 

Finally find out the real roots of your eating issues and 
effective interventions to deal with them. 

WiseHeart Wellness re-engineers addictive eating patterns,
intervening with brain chemistry,
addressing the both the underlying causes and
the consequences of chronic overeating; 

the alexithymia, unresolved emotions,  depression,
obsessive thought patterns and compulsive behaviour.

By changing the underlying biochemical causes we re-define what is possible.
End the endless cycle of chronic dieting,
finally get down to the source of the problem.

Your journey will be guided by skilled eating disorder clinicians that have
extensive professional and personal experience with addictive eating  patterns.
Therapeutic interventions from our clinical work assist in the application
of the BCOP information and ongoing developments in brain research.

Afraid the changes you make won't last?
  We understand how that is, so we invite you back
to do the entire 3 month course again anytime we run it online.
Most people redo it, because they want to make even more improvements,
Which they are continuing to do even years afterward.

We also know that the amount of information the $49!


What Brain Chemistry Optimization Program participants say:

It’s like being in an entirely different body.

I just don’t even think about food as much.

It’s like getting out of box you didn’t know you were in!

I haven’t binged since following the BCOP recommendations.

My whole life feels so much easier and I,
for the first time in a long time, have hope.

My relationship difficulties that triggered binge eating
are suddenly so much easier to deal with!

This is not a quick fix or a miracle cure, just one of the most impressive interventions
in addictive eating that I have seen in my 30 years of clinical work.
Clinicians have not had access to testing this extensive or accurate outside a hospital.
This collaboration; bringing advanced information directly into a person's home
 is the new face of client driven treatment in health care. 

Participate from anywhere anytime 

Online access to assessment and clinic sessions
Participate live and listen later  to downloadable audios
Opportunities to be a case study and receive individual review

$1197.o0 for 3 months of online group treatment

Also available: 
Face to Face Group Sessions in Calgary  $1297.00
Individual Private In Person in Calga
ry $2197.00


Offer ends 16 August, 2014

Email Info@WiseHeartWeightMastery  or  Call 403-540-2374 
for further information

For detailed information:

WiseHeart Brain Chemistry Optimization to End Addictive Eating Program   http://www.wiseheartweightmastery.com/page/417143644

Robertson Wellness Brain Chemistry   http://wellness.robertsoninstitute.org/research

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