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About Us

Clinical Director

Counsellor Nancy Anderson Dolan BA Psyc, is a seasoned counsellor with over 30 years of training and experience   23 years of increasing freedom from disordered and compulsive eating maintaining a weight loss of over 100lbs



Weighing 300 lbs while eating, drinking and smoking myself to death, I finally realized that I was out of control and very unhappy in my life. From the outside it looked so good, a university degree, being promoted at work, living with my teenage sweetheart, lots of friends and a home of my own.  I almost fooled myself.  But none of it made me happy, in fact it seemed to drive me further into depression and my feeding frenzy.

At 29 I was gaining weight daily and had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure . I could not show up emotionally for relationships with family and friends.  No one really knew what was going on with me. They all thought everything just rolled off my back.  Trust me it was a very wide back, so that was a reasonable assumption!

Then the miracle happened.  I learned what was really at the root of my problems and was able to turn things around, by addressing my addictive eating, early history of trauma, underlying brain chemistry imbalances and resulting mental health problems.  Today at 180lbs, skiing, playing hockey, running and free of any medical diagnosis, I am continually amazed as I live in increasing freedom every day.  

I was  named for detective character Nancy Drew and I live up to it as I research constantly both, on how I was able to do this, and the latest information on how to make it more specific to the individual with the most ease and efficiency we can manage.

In 2009 became the first verified Robertson Wellness Brain Chemistry Optimization Clinician in Canada, enabling my access to the latest computerized medical technology diagnosing brain chemistry issues that cause addictive eating patterns. My investigations have enabled other international alliances that provide updated interventions and ideas constantly. My most current endeavour is exploring the use of HearthMath biofeedback technology in treating eating disorders. 

I now spend my time showing others how to escape the prison food and weight and live their lives to the fullest. If I can do it, anyone can.  I tried so hard, on so many diet plans, only to fail and fall back even deeper into the food.  I felt like a hostage to my own out of control eating.  There is a way out.  Join me on the path of weight mastery.






WiseHeart Wellness Services uses a multifaceted approach from biological to spiritual to create increasing mastery of this seemingly hopeless health concern, that goes beyond traditional nutritional and exercise counselling, providing ongoing learning and encouragement from a supportive community of fellow travellers.

To create permanent, progressive freedom from the tyranny of food, it is necessary to awaken to the body’s innate wisdom and guidance. Therefore, it is imperative that people design a personal program of wellness that honours and addresses their specific needs and experience, addressing the unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions that perpetuate their eating problem.



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