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You’ll need to register immediately for the following: It sold out quickly last year – and had a long waiting list

September 11, 2010   9:30am – 3pm  

 Alberta Health Services – Women’s Health Resource seminar 7 Routes to Ending Addictive Eating Patterns

Foothills Hospital -  Coombs Theatre   Calgary, Alberta Canada


IMPORTANT – YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH THERE SERVICES:  403-944-2260  http://www.gracewomenshealth.com/

A full day for only $5  to cover the Resource center operating costs.  We are again donating our time and information

This seminar fills very quickly! Please forward anyone you think may be interested It is great for getting a clear idea of addictive eating and how to begin to address it!



 For all other sessions register through this website or info@wiseheart@telus.net

Brain Chemistry for Ending Addictive Eating Patterns 

September 30th, 2010 – December   6:00-7:30opm   8 session/ 3 month Tele-treatment Clinic


WiseHeart Wellness provides the only verified clinicians in Canada

Easiest access ever – entirely online – assessment and application sessions

Shows the specific brain chemical issues at play in your brain contributing your struggles compulsive eating and many other life challenges. Cutting edge medical technology provides an individualized 36 page report with specific recommendations in all areas of your life to rebalance!

Companions provide context and questions Highly skilled eating disorder clinicians provide support, strategies and suggestions through 8 seminars over several months to further tailor your explorations and evolution to optimal health, leaving your addictive thinking and eating patterns behind.

$750.00  assessment and seminar sessions



WiseHeart Weight Mastery Mastermind Group

September 21- May 2010,  Alternating Tuesdays 7- 8:30pm Calgary, AB  Canada

Limited to those that have done intensive work with WiseHeart or other services.


Don’t get stuck in relief, relapse or regulated eating. There is so much more to recovery from our addictive eating patterns! Don’t settle for anything less than ease, enjoyment and enthusiasm in life. All the rest is symptom and consequence of chronic compulsive eating. There is a life beyond your wildest dreams. The Mastery group always takes you there, showing you step by step. Join the “New Tribe” to find your next, natural, necessary evolution to wellness.

Limited space, previous participants given first preference each year.  

$2194.00 for the entire year

 Previous participants pay previous price – persistence pays!




4 Realms Intensive Weekend Clinics - Freedom From Food Addiction Series

You will learn all the basics of re-engineering your addictive eating patterns

$495.00 for one clinic,  $1495.00 for all four

Special Invite to your first clinic

Try it one out and pay what you think it’s worth at the end of the weekend! Really! We are that sure we have answers and help for you. Like you, we have been through so much, tried so hard with the food and received so little useful help and sometimes great harm. Like you we became hopeless and guarded about our situation. You can like us find your freedom from food addiction. So try it out with no risk at all, if you don’t benefit – you don’t pay!

Friday evenings – bring a friend for free to build support for your journey.


Emotional Alchemy September 24-26, 2010

 Eating over your emotions? Want out of that sickening cycle of emotional overwhelm, eating, self abuse and self hate? Whether you suffer from emotional overload or frozen feelings. You can learn the cause and the cure of your emotional upset and bring an end your addictive eating patterns. This intensive weekend changes lives forever.  

Mind Mastery November 26-28, 2010

Our messy minds are perhaps the most difficult of the realms to mastery on the way to gaining our freedom from food addiction. You probably clean your car more than your mind and that may not be saying much! Long after the our meals are minimized our minds are still meddling with our sense of stability and wellbeing. It’s not fun or fair!

Want to know the way out of that vicious, crazy mind maze? In one intensive, and it is intensive, weekend, Find out why this is so hard for you and all us other compulsive eaters to change our minds. Learn to turn off the harassment and turn on your creative, cooperative mind. Actually begin to use your obsessions to get freedom from the food! You get to see live application of all our strategies You are guaranteed to learn something that will help you significantly.

Soul Esteem January 2010 

 Body Wisdom March 2010



Year Long Small Group Intensive Treatment Program

We have received so many inquiries, that we are considering

launching another face to face small group this year.


We also will be launching an online version of this program in January 2011.

If you are interested in participating in either of these treatment groups,

 please let us know as soon as possible at

ysheart@telus.net and we will send you the consultation questionnaire.



Please be advised Thursday evening face to face sessions are no longer running

New offerings according to the results of our recent service survey will be out soon!


If you would like to request or suggest a session please email ysheart@telus.net



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