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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the basic practice of accessing other levels of consciousness to shift our current life experience.  Often this was called a shamanic journey. From ancient times there have been people that use various methods, drums, dancing, rattling to enter a different state of consciousness in which they found they could draw from a vast resource of wisdom and power to explore and address issues in their lives, others lives, whole communities and institutions. Shamans or medicine people as they were called in some societies provided healing, a regaining of power, guidance and spiritual support to whomever sought it.  They also taught people that were willing to open their minds to the experience.  It has been said that as a society needs shamanistic methods there arises and interest and acceptance.  We see this today as people become more interested and able to set aside old beliefs and allow themselves to explore new possibilities of consciousness and reality.

Core Practices

Researcher and shaman Michael Harner found several core practices across a great number of diverse shamanic societies. These are the practices that we teach and use to work with participants and clients.  They all take place in the context of shamanic journey work: that involves: power animal, soul and essence retrieval, psycopomp work (dealing with death and dying), extraction, ancestors and spirits of nature.  

Shamanism and Addiction

People often say they eat or use to fill a hole in their soul.  They feel that they have lost a part of themselves. I often use the energy practices of shamanism to assist people in locating areas of disturbance in their bodies, restoring their lost soul parts and recovering their soul essence.  Because shamanic work takes place outside of ordinary reality, healing and information gathering can be done at a distance and does not require face to face contact.  If you would like to request a healing journey be taken for you, please contact Nancy at ysheart@telus.net 

Please send any questions you have to ysheart@telus.net


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