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Completed Mastery Mastermind Group 2013/2014YES!  Include these as bonus session FREE as my persistence prize for having completed the 2013/2014 Mastery Mastermind Group
Discovery SessionYES!  I want to book a complimentary discovery session to find out how balancing brain chemistry and bio-feedback can ease my addictive eating patterns.
Individualized Case StudyYES!  I would like to get individualized attention by being a case study in the application of the Ultimate Happiness Prescription to my life and eating issues.
Please send me the necessary information.
Initial Strategy SessionYES!  I would like to book an Initial Strategy Session to address my eating issues.
Restart/Review Strategy SessionYES!  I would like to book a Strategy Session to review and/or restart my work on my eating issues, so I can lay out a clear plan where to go from here.
Summer Mastery All Virtual and Live SessionsYES!  I want to get happy by receiving or attending all virtual & live sessions
Summer Mastery Virtual Sessions OnlyYES!  I want to get happy by receiving and attending
virtual sessions only.
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