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Compulsive eating is not an issue of willpower, morality or the  "right" diet. Find out the real underlying problems that keep you in the struggle with food and how to finally fix them!

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Innovative Interventions to End Addictive Eating
Brain Chemistry Based Intervention for Chronic Addictive Compulsive Disordered Eating

This kind of eating is not about a lack of willpower, self esteem or morality.  It is a brain chemistry imbalance problem, frequently inherited, that is made worse by family habits, unresolved emotion, distressing life experiences, diet and exercise obsessions, cultural craziness and the very food that we have marketed to us as "cheap,easy, affordable and what we deserve ".  

Anyone with addictive disordered overeating patterns can tell you that it isn't easy to walk around 100lbs or more overweight or thinking you are or thinking endlessly about food and never feeling like you can eat enough of it. 

There is a way out! So many people fail because they never deal with the real roots of their unique problem. Instead they keep chasing the next quick fix that often actually makes the addictive compulsive eating worse. 

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